You've spent a lot of time planning for your portrait or headshot session, so it's important to go that extra distance and put some thought into what to wear. This is the most important step as it will really help you to fall in love with your new pictures. 

Here are some tips to help assist you in choosing what to wear for your upcoming photoshoot.

Consider Your Surroundings

Try to visualize what your wardrobe choice will look like in the location setting. Will you blend in, clash or compliment? For example, if your photoshoot is going to be in a field of pine trees, try to avoid green. Walking through the woods or exploring a nature center, creamy white, navy and other jewel tones beautifully and subtly lets the subject pop against a backdrop filled with green.



Resist the "Everyone Should Match" Look

When planning for a group shot, think coordinating outfits, and not matching. This will give variety to your photos and be more visually pleasing and timeless, while at the same time preventing your family from blending into one big blob of color. 



Remember that you want to be the focus and not what you're wearing. Solid, muted tones will help to bring out the subject without being distracting. Jewel tones or soft tones work well. Bright colors project (typically red, orange, yellow) tend to make the subject look larger. If you are in a group, choose 1-3 colors, similar tones from the same color palette, coordinating yet not matching. 


Patterns are a great way to bring added interest to your photo.

However, if you're in a group, choosing one member to wear a pattern will help tie in the colors from others wearing solids and will give a nice pop to your photo.

Please avoid several different patterns (stripes, florals, plaid) as there will be little to no continuity to your photo and distracting to the eye. Choose clothing that is timeless and will be something that you can enjoy for years to come.

Graphic tees usually do not photograph well.


Layers are one of the best ways to bring dimension and interest to your photos. Everyone looks great in layers! I encourage you to bring a sport coat, button up shirt with a shirt underneath, sweater, etc. This will really help to tie your photos together and give more options for posing.

Wall Art

Consider what these photos will look like on your wall. Imagine them as wall art and decide what look or colors will consistently be pleasing to look at day after day. I love to wear the color orange. I have many orange shirts, but I cannot imagine seeing that color on my walls - ever. When you look at your photos, you want to see faces, feelings, expressions, not distracting clothing and strange colors. Take a look around your prospective room and imagine which color scheme would best compliment your home decor. 


Accessories and Makeup

It's important to look your best as you will be happier with the outcome. I encourage you, especially if this is a senior or headshot session, to invest in a hair and makeup artist. This is a great way to give yourself a natural and finished look. I can provide one for you! If you are interested, please inquire about this service!

Avoid heavy makeup and distracting jewelry. Keeping jewelry and makeup simple and natural will make for a more pleasing photo. Adding subtle accessories like scarves, or layers like a vest or denim jacket can really help give dimension and interest. 


Details Are Important!

Don't forget your feet! Shoes almost always show. Stay clear of white socks. They will stick out like a sore thumb. Long pants (instead of shorts) are generally more flattering. Short sleeves cut off the arm at the widest part, therefore, go sleeveless (for girls) or beyond elbow length try to not go shorter than elbow length. Also, the camera picks up lots of details, therefore, don't forget to shave, brush your teeth and comb your hair.