I am so happy you are here! My name is Jean. I am based out of west suburban Chicago and I'd love to share a few things about myself.

  • I grew up in New York on a farm in the mountains, lived near Boston for many years (which I loved!) and now I currently live in west suburban Chicago.
  • I love to laugh!
  • I'm passionate about music so I decided to get my degree in Vocal Performance. When I have time, I like to sing with the Chicago Master Singers. I really enjoy all forms of the performing arts.

  • My photography has developed over the years to incorporate my love of music and spotlighting performing artists.

  • Oh! And I'm crazy about night photography. If I drag you out in the middle of the night to take your picture with a bunch of starbursts and light trails. Think nothing of it. It's totally normal.

  • I've run a couple of marathons and many other distance races, and now I have constant reminders about why I should stick to cycling, which fortunately I love. 

  • I haven't met an ice cream that I don't love!

  • I'm married to a scientist who's also a musician and likes to hike.  

  • We're in the midst of parenting 3 teenagers with our first in college. I've decided I like being a parent of teens!

  • I love animals (the furry variety) particularly cats. 

  • I love to travel and go on adventures with little planning.